A unique holistic approach

Taylored Life is a unique approach to holistic health, combining traditional lifestyle components like nutrition, movement and energy with the number one predictor of your overall happiness: your relationships.

In short, my techniques will help you build a healthy body, a strong mind, and then make powerful connections with the people around you that will maximize your personal well-being.

Behavior-change science

My expertise in motivation and behavior-change allows me to customize a unique and personal experience to optimize your results; if teaching you about diet and exercise is like learning to drive, then understanding exactly what to provide to you and when to provide it is like giving you a shortcut to anywhere on the map.

Whether you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, meet your future spouse or completely reinvent your life, my programs are customized to you — everything we do is based entirely on what you want to tackle and what you’re ready to handle.

For questions, or to schedule an initial consultation, email me at ben@tayloredlife.com. Otherwise, explore the site and enjoy!

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